Plumbers Ware Tips: DIY Plumbing

Always be prepared that’s the first step. Get prepared for an accident or disaster so you can know how to tackle it. Find out where you main electricity and water valve are suited in your location. Also find out where to turn off water heater. This makes you familiarize yourself with your premises if major problem develops.

Build up food debris in garbage disposal. This helps you to eliminate the bad odor .Your can place ice cubes and let them stay for around thirty seconds it will eliminate the odor.

By running cold water through the hoses of hot shower or water kitchen, they will last longer. Always equip your hoses with new washers twice a year

Unblock block basin or sink using a plunger. Plunger rubber head must be bigger than hole to be plugged, it will help build up the pressure sink.

Equip your tubes and showers with strainers that will catch hair thus prevent drain stoppages. Always clean the strainer to keep proper flow of water.

In case the cistern is leaking put food coloring inside the water and leak will appear.

Repair bust pipes and leaky faucets in time so as to prevent waste of much water but first turn of the main water supply.

If you cannot fix the problem the best thing to do is to hire the best plumbers Ware and call us!

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